Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well, it is Fall in Oklahoma and I am in Love with this weather. One of the things that comes with Fall is Football and Football is a huge part of our life. Ian has been coaching for 4 years and absolutely loves every minute of it. He is really good at it too! The freshman and JV have finished their season and did pretty well. My brother Connor played on JV this year and even got a few shots at Varsity. The Varsity team has only lost one game and this Friday night they play Jenks, one of the top teams in the state. Everyone is pretty excited, especially if you are a member of my football playing, watching, eating, sleeping family. I love it! Here are a few pictures of the season.

Ian is one of those black blobs on the feild. Pretty good pic for my iphone.
Mom with Kris- Kris is actually a North fan, which is a No-no but we still love her anyway!

Chad helped coach a Middle School Team this year too! He did a great job! It was fun to see him do something he loved! He is in the middle of the guys on the sideline with the yellow shirt! Go Cougars!


Mindy Jo said...

i love it
i'm so jealous you have an excuse to go every weekend
love you

Julie said...

Awe cute! Yes, you definitely are a football fanatic:) My mother in law would just love hanging out with you! lol... she's a die hard too. Their whole family is... I just go to hang out:) I'll cheer a little if it is OU or U of U playing.